How can you evaluate your strengths and weaknesses in English language learning? You only have to spend 15 minutes every week on the Self-Directed Learning System (SDLS) platform and complete the assigned missions. The Artificial Intelligence (AI) system will assess your learning abilities, performance and progress to help enhance learning efficiency. With SDLS, you can learn with fun!
Adaptive level of difficulty by using Artificial Intelligence (AI)
Adaptive Learning Model analyses and assesses students’ abilities based on their responses. The model will then deliver questions of relevant level and content for further assessment. Our AI system can diagnose students’ performance in different learning areas based on only a small number of responses.
Assess your learning performance via challenging and fun missions!
Attempt incorrect questions again to consolidate learning
Different performance levels are shown in different colours for easy reference.
Students’ performance is ranked at the end of each month to motivate learning.
Diagnosis of student’s ability to identify their strengths and weaknesses and enhance learning
E-badges are awarded for good performance
Accessible charts to identify learning strengths and weaknesses
Comparison between current and previous attempts to show learning performance